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Phlebotomist requirements

Phlebotomists or phlebotomy technicians must undergo a course of study that will adequately prepare them to be able to perform the required job duties in a competent manner. A person interested in starting a phlebotomy career can prepare for the profession by attending a technical school, or by attending a 4 year college and earning an Associates Degree.

Some areas have a training program of one day, others may have a program of a few weeks or months, and some colleges offer programs lasting one to two years. Other places have in-house training programs, where the trainee learns on the job.

The only requirement needed to obtain phlebotomist training is a high school diploma. Certification requirements vary from state to state, so it is best to contact your local board of health or state government in order to determine what certification is needed.

Since the phlebotomist is considered part of the laboratory team, they must be trained in all aspects of specimen collection and processing. Generally the program includes safe and efficient work practices to obtain specimens, blood collection by capillary or venipuncture, specimen handling, labeling, sorting, preparation for testing, as well as communication, employability skills, and emergency procedures. The coursework also includes anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system and phlebotomy techniques.

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